We are living in an era of business where every fresh graduate having little job experience dreams of an MBA degree from a premier college or university. Most of the time people opt for it without even knowing how MBA is going to add to their career growth.

In the era of Internet where all the information related to almost everything is available for free, people generally get confused; the biggest mistake committed by any MBA aspirant is to start preparing for MBA entrance exam without answering the fundamental question like WHY MBA?

“Why MBA?” may be the shortest question but at the same time it is the most important question. Getting an MBA degree is full of sacrifices on the professional and personal front. So, one should calculate all the pros and cons before considering for an MBA degree, because it is going to be a life changing experience and may be the toughest decision of your life.

If your mind is adamant about the idea of applying for MBA & PGDM entrance then you must have researched something on the Internet related to numerous entrance exams like CAT in India and GMAT too; but before you fill those form and sit for those highly rated exams, you should answer this little question meticulously, why MBA?

1. What are the common reasons to choose MBA The most common reason to choose MBA is because it provides opportunity of career progression. Typically everyone wants to see them on the top of the hierarchy and MBA provides this opportunity to hard working, fairly smart and result oriented personalities to rise higher in the hierarchy.

2. Do MBA provide career shift: what are the chances of career shift with your current educational qualification, current role in industry and with your current experience of 5 years in the industry you will get the opportunity to shift your department to marketing, sales etc. from research. Yes with an MBA degree in your satchel, you can shift your career whenever you want; according to your choices like 3 years in sales, 2 years in finance etc. this is why professionals choose go with an MBA degree.

3. Do MBA helps in acquiring knowledge In India getting an MBA degree from the any top college may cost heavily on your pocket. Imagine spending such huge amount of money just for acquiring knowledge. However, knowledge is the building block of your career but the source of knowledge must not only be limited to only books, journals or Internet. The interaction and intellectual debate that you will have in your MBA colleges with professors and with varied best minds of the country will enhance your confidence and at the same time it will also broaden your vision of thinking out of the box.

4. Does MBA enhances your networking skills- Networking is not only about knowing people or making new contacts; the idea of networking in MBA has a broader view. In MBA networking means coming together of all the branches of the industry to work together under one roof with one motive of development. The good thing about MBA and the interactive sessions is that you get to learn from the professionals and you are going to get the firsthand experience of networking with the leaders of the market.

5. Do MBA provide self growth- An MBA degree from top business school leverage the aspirant with ocean of opportunity in the corporate world. While pursuing a degree in MBA your thinking broadens in such a way that you can predict your future with the help of some charts or graphs. The entire classroom sessions, seminars, interaction with different people changes you from inside for better.

6. Do MBA provides opportunity to explore world: There may be a inner desire to shift to the United Kingdom, the United States or any other foreign country but with your current qualification there are very least chances to get a call for work from foreign countries. A MBA degree makes your profile attractive and it for sure is going to leverage you with amazing opportunities. Enterprises are going to fight for you and it will depend on you with whom you want to go ahead.

Pursuing a MBA degree in Pune degree is going to be a life changing experience, you will be transforming yourself through days and night and you will be becoming better at almost everything you do. ISBM is going to leverage you with the epitome of platform and you are going to make your dreams come true if you are ready to give in your all focus and energy.

The courses are planned to ensure that the students have an overall learning and grooming experience. The students studied here expresses their gratitude for the kind of knowledge and experience that was parted to them from the side of the college.

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