It's all about competition, my friend. Dog eat dog, I'm better than you and may the best man win. The need to excel, the need to be not just good but better, that is what it's all about.

With life reduced to a perpetual Olympics what must we do if we are to survive? Compete, of course, and that too at every level, using every weapon that you have in your arsenal. These are not that easy to acquire; these require years of perseverance, hard work and practice so that, perhaps by the time you graduate, you will be "almost" armed.

It is not enough any longer to learn just what is being taught. The world around you is huge, diverse and constantly changing so, to keep up with the best, you have to be aware of all that is happening around you. As Cat Stevens said "it's hard to get by just upon a smile". You need skills, you need personality, you need the right attitude, you need confidence, you need excellent communication skills and you need to be aware... none of these easy to come by and all require, as I've already said, patience, perseverance and practice. You have to keep running just to stand still.

How often do you go to Youtube to watch the latest advertisements or to TED to learn from world leaders, thinkers and innovators? What are the journals and magazines that you read? Which movies are you watching? Have you watched all the ones nominated for the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the National and the Filmfare awards? What are the books that you have read in the last year? Fiction? Travel? Biographies? Motivational? Which plays have you watched? Have you been to the museums and art galleries? Have you given some of your time to those who need help? Have you? Have you? Have you? The questions are endless.

Get your skates on, my friend. The world will not stop for you.

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