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Course Structure of Healthcare Management

[Optional Certificate Program offered by ISB&M COC with BBA/ BBA(CA)]

A certification course in health care management can lead to exciting future opportunities. Many people think of healthcare as primarily Medical Staff including doctors, nurses and medical staff. However, there are many professionals who keep healthcare organizations running efficiently. Those with a healthcare management degree are the ones who manage hospital and healthcare organizations. They are equipped to understand changes in healthcare laws, regulations and technology and are responsible for overseeing all operations including human resources, finance and marketing within the healthcare system.

The aging population has created more healthcare jobs in areas such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, insurance and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare administrators for private Companies. Healthcare Managers plan, direct and implement quality healthcare while working to provide effectiveness and profitability.

Syllabus -

First Year

Semester I

Introduction to Healthcare Management
Health Economics

Semester II

Hospital Planning & Design Management
Principles of Psychology
Hospital Record Management

Second Year

Semester III

Hospital Administration
Hospital MIS
Concepts of Epidemiology

Semester IV

Basics of Bio-Statistics
Basics of Insurance
Medical Equipment Management

Third Year

Semester V

Pharmaceutical Management
Operation Research for Hospital
Material Management for Hospital

Semester VI

Alternate System of Healthcare
Financial Management for Hospitals
Marketing of Healthcare Services

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