The last two decades has been an era of explosion of information. This has mainly happened due to Internet and more in the last five years, because use of Smart phone and social media platforms for exchange of information. The volume of data which is available, and which needs to be managed has in real become a problem. This is predicted as one of the areas which will need attention and experts in the next decade. This is where concept of “Big Data” comes into picture.

In the last decade, management and allied courses have been updated and become industry centric to take care of changing industry needs. The programs have been designed for holistic development of future experts, who are empowered with right skills set, knowledge and attitude for work and life. International Schools of Business and Media offers the best program for MBA in the region.

The programs offered by the Institute are accredited by AICTE. The Institute has qualified faculty with several years of experience in academia and industry. The knowledge of the faculty has been a main contributor to impart soft and hard skills to the students.

The MBA at this Institute has certain objectives; to provide the country with competent workforce having necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitude to take positions of management, administration in business, industry and public sector organizations; to impart students latest and updated information in management theory and practice; real life opportunities to students to develop managerial skills; to impart right values and attitude to function effectively in management and administration.

The course curriculum is designed to choose a specialized functional area in the second semester which can be from Marketing Management, Financial Management, Industrial Relations, Insurance and Risk Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Retail, Advance SCOM & Systems, Human Resource Management. The faculty, syllabus, infrastructure, activities and facilities make it the right place for overall development of the students. For all details related to the Institute and courses offered.

With changing market conditions and changing communication trends, the Information Age is heading towards Age of Collaboration, “Power of We”. The age of collaboration is geared towards the way we live, communicate, learn, create and innovate. At Indira, we strongly believe in the Power of We, which is nurturing talent; students complement with each other’s skills and work together in an organized way to share and solve problems together. Indira is an Institute of diversity; students from different educational, cultural backgrounds, varied skills and expertise come together towards a common goal of becoming corporate individuals.

The placement record at the Institute has been excellent corroborating the fact excellent skills imparted to the students. After the completion of MBA or PGDM in Pune, students get placed as managers in various industries as manufacturing, hospitality, retail, IT, consulting and more. The Institute has been having a record placement record!

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